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Euroamyasa is a multi-disciplinary company of architects and interior designers, created through the merging of two Spanish companies, Eurocastellana de Edificaciones y Srvicios, S.A. and Amykasa S.A., both with an important profesional background within the real estate world since the 70s. Following the merger, Euroamykasa incorporated the activities of both companies, keeping its real estate portfolio and continuing its work as developer and interior designer in residential projects and beyond. Architectural and interior design services are offered either as a combined service or as separate specialist disciplines.

The practice Works globally, directed from its office complex in Madrid. Our cultural forwardness has allowed us to meet new challenges and embrace markets as diverse as Saudi Arabia, Dominican Republic, The Unites States or South Africa among others. Our rapid expansión has been triggered by a strong commitment to design excelence and a bespoke approach.

Euroamykasa´s desing philosophy has been guided by the need to produce high quality buldings within a variety of different contexts, always motivated by the integration of sustainable and leading edge technologies.

Our extensive network of profesional suppliers enables us to work with no define boundaries as to the wide array of materials, fabrics, finishes, accessories and custom-designed furnishings used in our projects. The entire project team Works together to ensure the best results both aesthetically and functionally, getting spaces that are both elegant and livable.

It is the combination of creativity, experience and resources that has alloweb the name of Euroamykasa to grow in recognition both locally and internationally alike.

Corporate Structure

Company Resources & Technology

In order to provide a complete value chain to our clients and in response to their increasing demands, the practice incorporated, back in the 80s, a purchasing department and a warehouse. This has allowed us to provide our clients with turn-key projects and to achieve completion in record times due to the ability to control the entire chain. Our numerous sources and suppliers forma ll over the wrold, prevents us from limiting our projects or designs to any single style or sourcing location. We work with renowned furniture, kitchen and lighting manufacturers in Europe and abroad.

Our recent incorporation od Autodesk Revit, a BIM software allowing for 3D modeling and 2D drafting, has allowed us to provide our clients with realistic renders of their projects, better control in the área of Project management and changes, as well as seamless coordination between our architectural, technical and interior design departments.

Embracing these new technologies allows the practice to face new challenges with an innovative spproach and a forward looking perspective.

In 2006 the firm incorporated SAP in order to control the entire supply chain of a Project, from inception till completion. From porject orders, to invoices, tothird party invoices, to warehouse control isa ll centralized through SAP.
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